Dat Booty

Crushridge US - Horde

Heroic Blackhand Down!

Congrats to everyone that participated in our Heroic Blackhand kill, who is ready for mythic??

About Dat Booty

Late in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, our guild (Punch On of US-Tichondrius at the time) formed a raid roster that was comprised of a group of 10 friends, with the goal of seeing all of the content that the Siege of Orgrimmar raid had to offer. With our ragtag group of raiders, we managed to clear up to 11/14 mythic before we had to stop due to unavoidable circumstances. Now, as Dat Booty of Crushridge-US, we have cleared heroic Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry and are looking to progress into mythic content.


Dat Booty is currently looking for the following classes, however we are always accepting exceptional applications.

See the application template if you are interested in applying to Dat Booty.

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